Our Story

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A blend of distinct and select grain from local farmers. Ultra-trickle filtered into oak barrels and aged for 24 hours for an uncommonly smooth taste. The finest quality moonshine Georgia has to offer.

A concept that originated when a little boy, at a very young age stumbled upon his grandpa making moonshine in tee-pee style huts in the southern Georgia woods.

With the afternoon sun tipping the Georgia pines he looked up at his grandpa to see the glow of the evening’s summer light silhouetting the wisdom of the years in his face. His curiosity was the only thing to interrupt the soft song of nature. “Grandpa,” he said, “why do you like moonshine so much?” Grandpa looked at him smiling closed lipped as he often did and raspily answered, “Well son there are two kinds of moonshine in this world. There’s the fighting kind and the luvin kind. This here is the luvin kind.” Nothing else was said. Nothing else needed to be. Inspired by his grandpa’s word and the smooth sweet glow of summer, the essence of the moment was captured.

Decades later, an idea evolved from a pint of moonshine, two brothers with a dream, and the grace of God.  So when given a choice always choose the luvin kind.